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Welcome to Annapolis Food Tours, the city's premiere source for Food Tours, and other culinary events and activities in and around the city. Our activities combine the area's history, architecture, and culture combined with local food and drink from local establishments.

Annapolis Food Tours

Our activities take you through the history of Annapolis, introducing you to today's culinary scene in Annapolis. The restaurants we choose are historic, innovative, or an important part of the culture of the city.

The Annapolis Food & History Tour is ideal for people looking to truly experience the city.

Check out our current Annapolis Food Tours, Pub Crawls, and other culinary events and enjoy the history, culture, and cuisine today!

Our goal is to show you the story Annapolis; you will eat where the founding fathers ate and where they wish they could have eaten.

Annapolis has been the place for good eating for hundreds of years. It was said no one living in colonial Annapolis would go hungry , because they could live like a king on the bounty of both the Chesapeake Bay and the rich land.

As much as things have changed, they have stayed the same. Annapolis is still the place for delicious food, and the variety of food and dishes has only grown.

Annapolis Food Tours

Historic Annapolis Food Tour

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Annapolis Food Tour

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